Council is putting green bin burden on the resident

LIKE your correspondent, Hugh Jones, I had a second green bin which I used on a limited number of occasions each year. I have been puzzled why the district council has chosen to penalise those with two green bins as opposed to those with two grey or blue bins.

Could there be a political reason behind this? Are councillors hoping to thwart the UKIP proposal to introduce weekly bin collections in the summer? Perhaps they are hoping that we will fill our grey bins with plastic bags, full of food waste, grass and small plant cuttings. Then they can justify reintroducing weekly grey bin collections during the growing season.

I’ve got some bad news for them as far as I am concerned. My grey bin is rarely more than half full each fortnight, often less. I could easily put in plenty of green waste without needing a weekly collection and all the extra costs such a collection would involve.

Surely I am being too cynical. The district council would never be so devious, they just us to want to drive to the waste disposal sites, after all the costs involved are not their problem.


Waveney Road

St Ives