Constituency proposals are V-sign to Hunts

THE proposed new parliamentary constituency boundaries shown in your issue of September 14 are bizarre, and appear contrived or even flippant.

While the background map is somewhat faint, the detail seems to suggest that part of Hinchingbrooke, Huntingdon railway station, a chunk of the viaduct and the cows in the adjacent water meadow will transfer out of Huntingdon into St Neots.

The loss of Brampton forces the new constituency deep into the Fens to scoop dispersed population.

The new St Neots constituency has been described as Y-shaped, but on prolonged observation could be described as a V-sign to us all.

The eastern arm of the Y or V stretches out to include Bar Hill and even the proposed large housing project at Northstowe.

Perhaps the problem is made worse by the retention of Cambridge as a single constituency. Cambridge, plus its student population, which has voting rights, plus Northstowe, could well be overdue for constituency splitting.


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