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THE Hunts Post is encouraging locals to build stronger, safer communities by engaging with their neighbours on, the local social network.

In the past three months, residents have used to share information about fraudulent door-to-door collectors, expose details of postal and telephone scams, and post warnings about vandalism, pickpockets, and vehicle, home and garden thefts.

The site is also proving useful for exchanging preventative advice and circulating tips from local policing teams and neighbourhood watch coordinators. Victims of crime have been offering timely reminders to neighbours to be vigilant, ensure that their property is secure and install security systems and lighting.

Community spirit

A survey of users found that online interaction is strengthening community spirit and helping to build safer, friendlier neighbourhoods:

• 68% feel more connected to their local community since joining

• 75% say they’re better informed about local services, events and crime

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• 62% have connected with neighbours they wouldn’t otherwise know

Nina Whittaker, head of communities at said: “Knowing our neighbours has a positive impact on security. We feel a greater responsibility towards people we socialise with, so by connecting with neighbours, we become more inclined to keep an eye out and alert one another to suspicious activity.”

Your say on how is helping

“ is about reconnecting the local community, letting residents help each other out and join together to make a positive difference; whether that’s by sharing information and local knowledge, working to improve their area or simply reigniting the social aspects of being neighbours.”

James Cousins

“People are so busy, I can go months without even seeing my next door neighbour! Knowing there are locals I can connect to at any time, day or night, really helps restore my faith in the community.”

Claire Cheshire

“ allows you to become a valuable member of the community even if you can’t attend traditional neighbourhood watch or police meetings.”

Andy Ward

“ has introduced me to people I wouldn’t otherwise have spoken to or met. I feel more personally responsible towards and attached to the area than I have in 20 odd years living here!”

Barbara Stott

Help build a safer community with these websites

• For details of your local policing team and public meetings, and to view street-level crime maps and data, visit:

• Find out if there’s a neighbourhood watch operating in your area or download resources to help set one up at:

• Connect with your neighbours and share safety advice on the local social network: