Commission candidate standing up for England

YET again people who live in England suffer at the hands of a Government who have not the slightest inclination to support the public, inflicting a rail fare rise of the rate of inflation plus and extra 3 percent – making a whopping 6.2 per cent rise (Rail fares, now it’s �6k a season ticket, Hunts Post last week) That’s a huge increase, but in Scotland, the rise is only inflation plus 1 per cent.

Why is this? Because the Scots receive a bigger share of the UK’s income per head and the Scottish Government sticks up for the people of Scotland. So it is that neither they, nor those living in Wales who have an assembly to speak up for them, pay prescription charges, but the people of England do – �7.65 per item!

All of the countries in the UK have a separate assembly to stand up for their citizens, except England. As a result, those who live in England are continually exploited and discriminated against by governments of all colours, mainly led by Scots (Brown), those with Scottish roots (Cameron) and those who simply don’t see the problem (Clegg).

It is also clear that Milliband is no champion of fairness for England.

If England was fairly funded, there would be more money for our local governments, our health service and our police. We’re not asking for favours, just fairness.

According to Government statistics Scotland gets more than �2,600 extra per annum to spend for every man, woman and child than England’s eastern region.

This November sees elections for Police and Crime Commissioners across the UK, and I am standing in Cambridgeshire.

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I offer sound business and police related experience and an excellent track record in representing people, against a background of standing up for England. Please don’t vote simply by colour, think about who you want to effectively represent you and send a message about inequality and unfairness in England to the complacent and disinterested major parties.


English Democrats PCC Candidate