Come clean on Hunts Council Tax figures

WHILE reading the accompanying booklet that came with the new Council Tax bill for 2012/2013, I read with interest on page 18 about Cambridgeshire Police Authority.

In the breakdown ‘Where the money comes from’ there is no mention of police officer pension contributions. Yet further down in the next breakdown, ‘What the money is spent on’, it states that �14.6 million (11 per cent) was spent on police officer pensions.

The police officers pay a high percentage of their wage into their pension scheme, so either their pension scheme is so poorly managed that we taxpayers have to subsidise their pensions or the pension scheme pays their pensions and we pay a hidden tax to boost the money up.

With this in mind, are we doing the same for the council pensions, which coincidently I could not see in the booklet?

Another thing I noticed was that the council is quick to tell us how much it costs to take our waste refuse away, but nowhere in the booklet did I see any mention of how much money the council is making from recycling.

It seems to me that, if you submit a load of facts and figures it looks good on paper and is a way of keeping the masses satisfied, but in reality it is just a cover-up so that the masses don’t find out they are being ripped off.

In this day and age, when we are struggling to make ends meet at home, I find it very frustrating to be paying for mismanaged schemes.

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I hope this will generate an answer to my question.


Curlew Close

St Ives