Care home will tower over listed building in St Ives

I FEEL your report Residents refuse to accept new care home, July 11, may have given readers the wrong impression of our struggle against the planners.

We have never opposed the care home. We simply want the planners and the developer to re-think the proposal and comply with national and local planning guidelines that are intended to protect buildings of architectural or historic merit (such as Limes Park, which is a fine listed building) with regard to scale, form, design and setting and the privacy of the people who live there.

What the planners agreed to is a three-storey care home that will tower over Limes Park by 12 feet. They claimed that Limes Park would be taller than the care home, but when challenged new measurements were taken and the correct figures produced. It is no joke to suddenly discover you’ll be overlooked by 24 windows but planners dismiss such complaints saying there will be “no significant overlooking impact”.

Huntingdonshire District Council intended to decide this controversial application under “delegated powers”. It only went before the panel when we insisted it was dealt with openly.

MP Jonathan Djanogly came to see the situation and agreed that residents had “valid concerns” and would suffer “serious overlooking issues”. He promised to take the matter up with local government minister Grant Shapps but we’ve heard nothing more from him.


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