Card payments return to Hunts station car parks

CAR park ticket machines at Huntingdonshire stations are once again accepting card payments, as teething problems resulting from a change of contractor are fixed.

Hunts Post reader Curtis Parker, who travels from St Neots, complained: “For over a month, card payments for the use of the car park have been unavailable because they have not replaced the SIM cards for the machines. This has caused commuters extra stress and hassles at the start of the working day.

“To park at St Neots, commuters have to use a premium rate 0845 number, which incurs extra costs.”

Huntingdon travellers have had similar problems since train operator First Capital Connect appointed a different contractor to run its car parks.

“I think that the parking service is expensive and commuters deserve a better service,” Mr Parker said.

FCC spokesman Roger Perkins agreed: “We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to some customers who were unable to pay for their daily parking by credit card at pay and display machines.

“Although the machines were accepting cash, there was a technical issue following a recent change in the firm that manages our car parks on our behalf. The fault has now been fixed.”

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He said the change of contractor was designed to improve the level of investment in station car parks.