Can you help find St Neots girl I met Down Under?

I’M wondering if anyone can help.

Last year I took a sabbatical to travel all over Australia, an amazing trip where I met so many great people. In my first few weeks there I joined a Top Deck travel group travelling from Sydney to Cairns (March 2011).

A few new members joined our group part way, in a place called Surfers’ Paradise. One of these was a girl called Lucy. We got chatting and I was amazed to hear she actually lived in St Neots.

I lived only down the road in St Ives, which she knew quite well. She also studied at Loughborough University, as did I. Small world!

During our two-week trip her camera broke so I took some pictures of/for her so that I could send them on. The Top Deck group we were with took all our details in order to setup a Facebook group to keep us all in contact easily. Unfortunately, this never happened, so a fair few of us have lost contact now we are back home.

I’m hoping we can get in contact again so I can at least pass her these photos. Would also be great to catch up with her too.

The photograph of her and a kangaroo is from our last few days up in Cairns. Hopefully someone might recognise her in and around St Neots and get in touch.

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