Cambs police should make CCTV priority

CAMBRIDGESHIRE police say CCTV ‘is an integral part of modern policing’. So their refusal to pay a fair share of the cost is unacceptable. How will they achieve their mission to ‘create a safer Cambridgeshire’ if the system is moth-balled for lack of funds?

Perhaps members of our police authority can help. They set policing priorities, targets and budget and are supposed to “engage with the public”.

So please stand up - especially Cllr Victor Lucas, Cllr Ken Churchill, John Pye and Olive Main - and tell us why, if CCTV is so “integral”, you make no provision for it in your �130million budget.

Bravo Cllr Jason Ablewhite for making this an issue.


(former police authority member)

London Road

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