Cambs County council now agree something needs to be done on St Ives bypass crossing

IT’S official: There is a problem with rush-hour traffic congestion in Harrison Way, St Ives – and now the search has started for a solution.

Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) has admitted that action is needed to resolve the problems caused by the guided buses and pedestrians crossing the town’s bypass.

Town, district and county councillors and officials gathered at the crossing last Thursday to look at the impact of the guided busway crossing, which has caused additional congestion around St Ives since the busway opened in August.

Huntingdonshire District Council executive leader Councillor Jason Ablewhite said the meeting with Bob Menzies, CCC’s head of infrastructure delivery, and district and county councillors Ian Bates, Steve Criswell, Doug and Julie Dew and Debbie Reynolds had been positive.

He said: “It was good to see the hundreds of people of St Ives turn up to prove a point to the county council. We had several vantage points to see the traffic snarled back along Harrison Way and Needingworth Road.

“Since the busway crossing was finished the traffic is worse and now is backed up on Somersham Road and other roads leading to the bypass. This, in itself, causes problems as it encourages rat-running through the villages.”

Cllr Criswell. portfolio holder for community infrastructure, said CCC was looking to adjust timings on the pedestrian aspect of the crossing to synchronise it with the buses as they crossed Harrison Way.

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He said: “The more significant aspect to sort out is the sheer volume of traffic that uses the Meadow Lane roundabout.

“It’s a serious problem in St Ives that needs to be sorted.

“You get quite a lot of cars that travel through the middle of the town, avoiding the bypass, to have priority on the roundabout and that needs to be dealt with.

“Council officers will now come up with solutions for traffic management and we will implement a plan as soon as possible as I don’t want people waiting for more than they need to.”

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