Cambs beaver scouts get a ‘Mad’ sleepover

MAD FOR IT: Two Huntingdonshire beaver scout colonies celebrated the 25th anniversary of their organisation with a Mad hatter’s tea party and sleepover.

Members of the 1st Fenstanton and Hilton Beaver Colony joined with 1st Stukeley Meadows Beaver Colony for the sleepover on March 25/26.

In total 29 beaver scouts, all aged six and seven, took part in the event which included exotic foods such as ‘caterpillars in blankets’ and ‘Cheshire cat grins’.

The opening ceremony also included a special message from the UK Chief Commissioner, Wayne Bulpitt.

Selina Pedley, beaver scout leader, 1st Stukeley Meadows, said: “I have to confess I think I was as excited as the beavers about our first ever sleepover. In fact, I hardly slept the night before! It was a wonderful experience from start to finish, and we can’t wait to do it all over again.”

Event organiser Louise Clover added: “For many of those taking part it was the first time they have slept away from home, so we were really proud of the way they behaved. Organising events like this remind me why I keep scouting, it’s such a wonderful break from my paid job.”