Cambridgeshire guided busway - public explanations demanded

WE have heard a great deal in the past, particularly in your columns, about the misguided busway, though there has been very little new reported recently.

We have heard nothing from local groups of cyclists, horse-riders and dog-walkers who probably think it is a wonderful facility – and so quiet.

Most taxpayers, though, are not happy that so much money has been thrown on this project while plans have been made to withdraw funding from existing services and facilities.

It seems to me that the Cambridgeshire department of never-ending projects has no proposals other than to turn up at the impending court case to be brought by Nuttalls.

Who can say what the result will be, though they must believe that they have a strong chance of winning? Whatever happens, it is fairly certain that we no-account taxpayers will suffer, and in the long run there will be more cost saving measures to compensate.

In advance of any legal action I wish to demand that representatives of both the contractor and all council departments involved appear at a public meeting to explain their actions and grievances. I think that the bus companies involved should also be allowed to put their views.


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