Call for local discount for A14 upgrade toll


A14 - Credit: Archant

A call for residents to get a discount on any toll along the upgraded A14 will be made at next week’s cabinet meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council.

Alex Plant, CCC’s executive director for transport, will tell councillors that “the potential for a local residents’ discount on the toll should be raised as is the case on the Dartford Crossing”.

Mr Plant said the discount should be available for locally registered cars and light vehicles “which would also assist local businesses”.

He added: “It is most likely that a service company will be appointed to undertake the tolling and it would be appropriate that the service contract should include targets for toll collection including ones for foreign vehicles.”

Mr Plant said the proposal to introduce a toll for the Huntingdon southern bypass would need discussions “about the long-term levels of charging and diversionary impacts on the A428 and local roads through villages and market towns”.

He said at this time “it is proposed that the need for tolls is noted and the principle is reluctantly supported if it helps deliver the scheme but that certainty over scope and how the tolls will be set and increased in the future will be required”.

He added: “It is also considered that where the alternative route is signed, information should be given about the extra distance involved to encourage use of the strategic route.”

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Mr Plant’s recommendations to cabinet set out suggested responses to the “informal consultation” on proposed route options put forward by the Highways Agency.

He also points out that as part of the £1.5billion scheme, CCC could inherit 20 kilometres of detrunked A14 and 12 kilometres of new single carriageway road.

The costs of maintaining these together with bridges, drainage, signage, lighting and landscaping “will need to be agreed in time with the Highways Agency,” he said.

The A14 project would include a new Huntingdon bypass, plans to connect a current section of the A14 to local roads and the removal of the Huntingdon railway viaduct.