Busway has doubled journey time to work

THE time taken to get from the Marsh Harrier pub to the guided busway junction has at least doubled since services started.

I work near Marshalls and it used to take me about five to 10 minutes at the most to get to work. It now takes me up to 20 minutes to do the same journey.

When the idea was first suggested for the guided busway (also known as the park and ride), I mentioned the crossing and the delays it would cause. I was told at the exhibition in St Ives that the lights would only be red for a few seconds for the buses to cross.

What has in fact happened is that the number of buses increases during the period when people have to get to work. So the time the lights is at red increases also. It also has not taken into consideration people walking over to the guided bus station rather than use the bus stops in St Ives as well as those who get off the buses and walk over using the pedestrian crossing to get into St Ives rather than stay on the bus.

In addition there are those who park in the guided bus car park (I understand for free) and then walk over and do their shopping in St Ives.

I am glad that the busway is successful, but this is being at a cost to normal road users, including those stuck in traffic trying to get to the car park to use the guided bus.


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