Buses aren’t the problem - it’s pedestrians and cyclists

WITH regard to the piece about the traffic delays causing Marshalls so much trouble (November 9), I can only agree with what Mr Chris Annis has said.

Before the busway went live I was able to drive along Harrison Way, on my way back to Hemingford at around 5.15pm, towards the Meadow Lane roundabout, and was never more than four car lengths from it before having to stop for traffic.

Now I am lucky if the traffic is not at a standstill all the way back to the roundabout at Parsons Green, and on several occasions it has been almost back to the Needingworth Road roundabout. It has easily added 10 minutes to every single journey home from work, sometimes over 15.

In the mornings, it adds five minutes, but I come along there before 8am: goodness knows what happens around nine.

I am sick of Mr Menzies and his team at the council spouting rubbish, that it has had no effect on traffic. Perhaps he ought to see for himself.

It is not anything to do with the increase in bus services: it is the pedestrian crossing going off all the time that is stifling the road. Whenever the lights go red, when I am there to see, eight times out of 10 it is for pedestrians or bikes crossing.

Why on earth the lights have to stay red for so long is beyond me: the people have long gone before they decide to go back to green.

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The situation is not helped by idiot drivers who insist on coming onto a roundabout when they have no hope of getting any further, and blocking the way for others who can move. I have had to wait several times at the Hemingford roundabout to turn into my own village because someone has blocked the road off.

As expected, the guided bus has had no effect on cutting traffic trying to get on the A14. When I go along the route in the morning, the traffic is crawling all the way back up on Needingworth Road, just as it did before.


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