Bus stop siting is crass stupidity

AS a long-time resident of St Ives, I can only marvel at the crass stupidity of positioning the new busway stop outside Hyperion Auctions in Station Road.

If the CCC spokesperson who is monitoring the situation is unaware of the very real dangers the architects of the scheme have created, I can only think they are in the wrong job.

Driving to and around that corner from Market Road is hazardous, as one cannot see around parked buses which, if they arrive early, wait there before setting off. I have seen two waiting in line!

Extra-cautious drivers just wait for minutes until the bus drives off, the impatient behind then try to overtake the stationary vehicles and find themselves head on to on-coming cars or supermarket delivery lorries.

The other day, a delivery van (just like your photo) parked directly opposite the stop and a bus pulled in early so waited – result a total log- jam.

While Mr Saunderson rightly describes this as a ‘shambles’, it is also a very dangerous piece of traffic management, and I cannot understand how safety issues have been so ignored. In my opinion anyone denying this is an idiot.

And finally, what baffles me most (apart from the re-routing of the B service) is how on earth does the siting of this bus stop relieve congestion on the bypass: any idiot can put two and two together and come to the obvious conclusion that that’s mostly caused by a relentless trickle of pedestrians (some maybe coming to or from town after parking free in the busway car park).

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