Buckden target for London’s rubbish

ON Thursday June 2, I attended an ‘open meeting’ at Buckden landfill site regarding its restoration as a leisure area and the works necessary for this, which will have a great impact on Buckden and Brampton villagers.

While the proposal to turn the site into a park of some sort is laudable, the catch appears to be in the rest of the leaflet.

Having denied local residents use of the landfill site, the company is now going to fill it with rubbish from London. Apparently the Stewartby (Beds) landfill site is full and we are the next nearest.

In order to meet the contractual terms for this, the site will need to be open longer, which means operating from three in the morning, Monday to Friday, with an extension from 1 to 3 pm on several Saturdays. The current times are 7am to 7pm weekdays and 7am to 1pm on Saturdays, with extra working on Sundays when required.

So, not only are we taking rubbish from London to allow the company to meet the terms of its contract at Stewartby, but we are to be subject to extra lorries (their estimate) thundering along our roads, beeping when reversing, in the early hours of the morning – and will anyone ensure that Brampton is not used as a lorry rat run?

And, if the lorries turn up at any time through the night, will anyone do anything about it? They might say that will not happen but we all know it will: it has happened frequently before at the site.

This is an important issue and I urge villagers to write to the company with comments about this – Buckden Feedback, Green Issues Communiqu� Ltd, Freepost RSKJ-KRAH-YZRJ, 30-31 Friar St. Reading RG1 1DX. Or e-mail post@greenissues.com.

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Also, let you local councillors know, as CCC has the power to alter the terms of the use of the site.

Other then invited councillors, there was only one other householder there at the site that I could see. Was it merely coincidence that adverts for this meeting were not publicly displayed, nor that for some reason their database did not highlight it to people like me (I live only one and a half miles from the site). Nor that it took place in half-term week in the middle of the afternoon!