Bringing it back to the real issue ... G4S

I QUESTIONED whether G4S was fit to run the support services of Cambridgeshire’s police forces, in view of the company’s disregard for international law and human rights in Occupied Palestine, and Martin Cohen (More big lie, Letters last week) pops up to blow smoke in everyone’s eyes with a rant that includes Jew-hating, Goebbels, Nazi Germany, Balfour, the police in Northern Ireland, the San Remo Declaration of 1920, the World Council of Churches, Moseley, Quisling and even Col. Richard Kemp.

This is standard ‘hasbara’ practice whenever someone dares to criticise the Israeli regime. And right-thinking groups like Jews for Justice for Palestinians will be astonished to learn they are funded by “hostile” foreign countries, according to Mr Cohen.

I’ll simply add that an independent inquiry by senior UK lawyers has just reported on the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law. It finds Israel to be seriously in breach of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Which brings us back to G4S. The company provides prison services and equipment to the Israeli authorities and is implicated in their illegal occupation and abuse of human rights. Are we any nearer a definite decision from our chief constable about handing over some of his force’s responsibilities to G4S?


Castle Acre

King’s Lynn