BLOGS: Dealing with the heat on a 10k run in St Neots

In the weeks running up to the St Neots 10k, The Hunts Post followed on its website four Mick George employees as they built up to the big race. Here we find out how they fared in Sunday’s heat.

Pete Kennelly, 34

“WOW! I can actually say that I completed the 10km run (with the occasional bit of walking) and what a huge sense of relief! If my body didn’t ache all over I’d have to pinch myself to believe it. I started off at a fast pace and was almost leading the field, but it’s so different to the treadmill and I soon found my legs couldn’t keep up with my intentions. I’m sure my new aerodynamic haircut shaved a few seconds off my time, but I’m seriously regretting my non-existent training regime and feel as though I will be stiff forevermore.

Definitely too much time spent on the couch contemplating my next move... I’ll blame it on the Olympics.

After seeing the fitness levels of other runners, some of them twice my age, I think it’s really about time I started taking exercise more seriously. Striking whilst the iron is hot, I’ve dedicated next weekend to sport and will start with a day of coarse fishing.

Victoria George, 24

IT was just my luck for the 10km to fall on the hottest day of the year. However, I was still determined to complete it! On arrival I found myself getting butterflies as I looked around and saw all of the ‘runners clubs’. I felt way out of my depth but it was too late to back out!

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It was by far the hottest and most tiring hour of my life but all of the stewards were so supportive and kept cheering me on! At the 7km mark I put my foot down and even finished the race with a 500m sprint!

I feel brilliant now though and I’m so glad I signed up. I love having a goal and I look forward to the next challenge – I have already vowed to sign up for another race this autumn!

Julie Heading, 23

I HAD just passed the 5 km mark when I felt I just could not run any more. I started to walk for possibly two or three minutes trying to catch my breath. Of course when I started again my legs felt like lead weights.

I was jogging very slowly at this point, much slower than my usual pace. Then all of a sudden I heard a man behind me say ‘come on Mick George keep those legs moving’ in a motivating voice. I have no idea who he was but he and his daughter were also taking part in the race and from that point onwards we all kept each other going.

I finally crossed the finish line after 1h 12min. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t beat my 1h target but knowing the struggle I went through just to complete the race in that heat makes me very proud of the determination I found within me to continue.

I would also like to say a big thank you to the ‘Dad’ in the yellow shirt and his daughter, as without their inspiration I’m not sure I would have continued. I’m just sorry that through everything that went on that day, I never actually got a chance to find out their names.

Jolene Vinn, 29

AFTER another 8.4km run on Tuesday, I decided I was going to take the rest of the week easy in preparation for Sunday.

I could not believe it when I heard it was going to be 32C... of all the days to be running 10km!

We got down to the start line, the start gun sounded and we were off. I settled into a nice pace and quickly realised that there were going to be a lot of serious runners over taking me. I had decided not to wear a watch because I did not want to concentrate on the time too much, although I still hoped to make it in under an hour.

I got to the 7km water station and filled up my water bottle, I was happy with the pace I was going and did not feel as though I was struggling in the heat. The next thing I remember is lying on the floor with lots of people around me. I am not sure what happened or even how I had made it to 9.5km and then passed out. I think it was a mixture of the heat, dehydration and pushing myself too hard.

Disappointingly I did not get to finish the last 500m as it took quite a while for me to come round, although I have been told I would have made it in less than an hour which helps a bit.

So near yet so far! I would like to thank all of the people that stopped to help me especially the nurse who was taking part in the run and also the paramedics, who not only stayed with me but also called my husband a few times during the rest of the day to check I was ok.

I will have to sign up for the next one ... just to prove that I can do it!