Blame capitalist society for lack of jobs – not people

EMMA Raffle’s letter (Choice of the lazy, June 20) reads like another right wing letter sent in to upset the customers who read this fine newspaper.

Using an example of a youth who said they would get a free house and live on social benefits is impossible as youths are being forced to attend useless training programmes with no job offer at the end of their indentured slavery at the same time undercutting workers’ pay and conditions.

How can people come to this country for an easy free ride when there are nearly 3million people out of work (the Government figures are false as part time underpaid work, job seekers unpaid work, carers, apprenticeships and many more are not added to the figures).

There are at least 20 to 30 people applying for jobs and most blue collar jobs require certification and education certificates before you are even interviewed!

Choice of the Lazy is untrue and Emma Raffle seems to blame people on benefits and foreigners – in particular people from Iran – for the bankers crash.

I suppose you would like to bring back workhouses and deportation to Australia and the Americas as well.

Stop blaming the ordinary people for the severe crisis of capitalism. It’s the whole system of a monetary dog eat dog capitalism society that needs changing, not people trying to live on �6.08.

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