Beware another back-door sex shop deal

ONCE again I find we are in the position of having to object to an application regarding the sex shop in the former Little Chef building on the boundary of Sawtry.

This time the application is for renewal of the licence to trade and follows hot on the heels of another application to increase the visibility of signage at that location. ‘Sex Shop Sawtry’ is already slipping into local usage and reflects the shabby image projected by both the physical environs and the nature of the shop’s business. That this shop was ever allowed a licence following the largest protest in the history of Huntingdonshire District Council is remembered every time we pass it.

Turning for a moment to the application for increased signage, this could mean one of two things:

1. Business has not blossomed as expected and the Sawtry location was ill advised.

2. The signage was traded off in the initial application to get the licence approved, with the intention of upgrading it at this renewal time. If, as has been reported, business is growing nicely, this would seem to be the most likely option.

From the company’s website it is clear the firm is not shy of presenting bold signage to passers-by, acting as the wrong kind of magnet for the morally weak, and continuing to degrade the nature of the village.

It would seem that another behind-the-scenes decision is about to be made. I would nonetheless appeal that as many people as possible call on the licensing committee to reject this renewal application for the greater good of Huntingdonshire, aware as others are of how little regard our council members appear to have for the views of their electorate at this time.

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