Be warned: weed killer killed my cat

THIS was Harvey (2004-2011). Harvey was a rescued cat, his family were killed by a forklift truck when he was a few weeks old and so he came to me tiny and scared. He grew into a family cat, lovable, loyal and full of life and was well loved by all who came to meet him.

He was taken to the vets on Tuesday, August 9, and died of suspected weed killer poisoning on Friday, August 12.

He developed chronic kidney failure, neurological damage causing spasms and twitching, and his mouth was so ulcerated he could not eat or drink or even be tube fed.

His tongue was swollen to four times the size it should have been. The vets tried flushing his kidneys but the damage was too extensive.

If you are going to use weed killer, could you consider that you can purchase cat and child-safe products. If you have neighbours with pets and children, let them know if you are going to use pesticides/weed killers extensively.

Having seen the effects on my beautiful boy, it is not something I ever want to see again. Not only are these chemicals harmful to wildlife but, if it gets onto a pet’s coat and a child strokes the pet, it could be a child that is at risk. I have a 22-month-old granddaughter, and Harvey was her favourite cat.

I do not blame anyone in particular and until this event was unaware of the awful consequences of using non-pet or child-safe chemicals.

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Not everyone is a pet lover, but children as well as animals could be at risk and I do not believe anyone would like to see the awful effects of these chemicals that I have seen.

I am devastated.


Hermitage Road