Be at Sawtry sex shop hearing on Tuesday

COCKTAILS Ltd’s licence [for the Sawtry sex shop] is due for renewal, and there has been so much strong objection that Huntingdonshire District Council has called another public meeting for these objections to be heard.

Having been advised just three days ago that I had eight days in which I might “apply for permission to speak”, I will do so and will be there along with others who lodged formal objections.

However, my question is – who else will be there? In December 2010 – when HDC chose to ignore a petition from around 1,500 local residents, support from elected leaders and 550 letters – and issued the first licence to this company, so many wanted to attend that the public meeting had to be held at St Ives.

I doubt if many of those that objected then have changed their minds – so how many of your readers will be prepared, or able, to object again by turning up at 9.30am on Tuesday May 15 at the Civic Suite, Pathfinder House, St Mary’s Street, Huntingdon? Lets hope most will, for we do need to show Cocktails Ltd that they’re not welcome here.

By the way, it seems they may have broken the terms of the original licence – no new planting, existing vegetation removed, erection of an unapproved sign – plus, instead of accepting the decision of the district council, for very sensible reasons, to reject an application for a large unnecessary totem sign, they have lodged a high-level appeal that could be very expensive for the council to defend.

Do you really think this company is a suitable neighbour? If not, please lend your support at Pathfinder House on May 15.


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