Ban artics from Ramsey

EARLY last week, the Great Whyte, Ramsey, was closed between its junction with the High Street and New Road. The Little Whyte and the lower side of Great Whyte were also affected.

This was caused by an unexplained major depression in the road surface. The road remained closed for over two days, causing residents and businesses huge inconvenience, while engineers from Cambridgeshire bridges team and West Highways searched for the cause and ultimately reached a resolution.

I have the answer, which I am sure will appeal to most residents of Ramsey and the surrounding areas – prohibit HGVs, except for access, coming through Ramsey at all.

The junction of High Street and Great Whyte is completely unsuitable for articulated lorries turning, causing pedestrians to have to be particularly diligent and often having to move away from the kerb edge for their own safety.

The volume of HGVs using the B1040 as a through route has been an ongoing problem for years. As traffic use continues to increase, the condition of our roads and the potential danger to pedestrians and other road users will grow.

Huntingdon and Somersham have for some time now had a 7.5tonne restriction through their towns, so why not Ramsey? Our residents’ safety is equally important as that of those living in other parts of the county.

I have decided to put myself forward and have been selected to represent the Conservatives at next year’s county council elections in May, and this is one issue that is very dear to me, and one for which I shall be campaigning.

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