Any private A14 should be eight lanes

I HAVE read with interest your petition article about the proposed A14 upgrade. I have gladly signed it, but there are a few points I wish to make.

First, I believe that, if the new A14 route is built using private money, with a shadow toll, the road will have to be four lanes in each direction, at least between Fen Drayton and Girton. The picture on pages 20-21 of The Hunts Post on November 16 showed the complete and utter chaos leading up to Girton, and that is on the current three- lane section.

Furthermore, if plans are to be carried out similar to the original version (the Orange route, hopefully, if anybody remembers), Girton needs to have its unique traffic-generating TOTSO (turn-off-to-stay-on) feature removed. The link between the two A14s must be free-flowing to ensure any chance of removing the current gridlock and confusion.

The local roads that were planned alongside the upgraded stretch are also very important, in my opinion. This will split the local traffic from the Huntingdon-Cambridge commuters and the long-distance freight, as long as they run the full distance alongside. Full junctions would still be useful at the current 28 and 29, for the services and Bar Hill respectively.

I could go on for ever about my ideas for the upgrade, but I won’t: I hope that what I have discussed here will be of benefit.

Further, I don’t like the idea of a toll road really, but it might work.


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