Anti-social behaviour and rubbish is already rife in Ramsey

I WAS astonished to read in The Hunts Post on August 14 (Shops facing closure) that Ramsey Town Council has opposed the opening of a fish and chip restaurant in the town in the premises of the present Breams Shoes.

I agree that fish and chips is not exactly what Ramsey needs –we have enough outlets already.

But for the council in Ramsey to state that they are concerned about anti-social behaviour – what rot. No one eating in a restaurant is going to finish their meal and then throw the plate, knife and fork out of the door into the street.

The anti-social behaviour (and noise) is already rife and it’s the council that has allowed numerous outlets selling fastfood to take over the town with the resulting mass of rubbish to be cleared up afterwards.


Windsor Drive

Ramsey Fortyfoot