Another view of the X5

IN response to Andy Rush’s letters about the X5 service (August 19 and 26), my wife and I differ from Mr Rush over the reduction of the excessive stops in St Neots from 14 to three.

We live close to the Eaton Socon service stop but would happily have walked five minutes to one each side.

Some were ridiculously close together, such as Eaton Socon Post Office or three near the station. Undoubtedly, the frequent stops during rush-hours made the service late so, though it is timetabled the same, the chances of its meeting this timetable seem higher – only time will tell, particularly when the schools are back.

Much of this stop-start was caused by concessionary farepayers using it as a local service, and I cannot see why the 20-minute local services should not be used to connect to the X5 service, as happens everywhere else.

The local 65/66 services have been extended to Eaton Socon and serve every ex-X5 stop, if less frequently.

But, if Mr Rush feels, as I do, that the lack of local Sunday services – exacerbated by the ‘local’ X5’s existence – means we really need a local Sunday service, I would be more than happy to support him on that point. Residents of Eynesbury would also benefit from that.


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