Another great Simads show in St Ives

IF YOU missed SIMADS latest production Back to Broadway then you really missed a treat.

This joint venture included not only SIMADS Players but also those from the Masterson Irish Dancers, the Riverside Theatre Company, AJS Dance Academy and Charlie’s Ice and Fire Angels (the CIFA Majorettes). Bringing these groups together was no mean feat and I expected breaks as one group succeeded another. Not so, typical SIMADS, they chose the difficult option of each group taking many turns to display their talents.

There were no breaks apart from the interval and the show galloped along with much enthusiasm, applause and foot tapping from the audience. There was no easy option picked in trotting out merely the old favourites from Broadway; clearly much research had been done to ensure the mix of old and new with well known and not so well known numbers. The evening was celebrated with great panache by all the groups with some major talents emerging from the grace of the ballet to the extraordinary Irish dancing; from the chorus numbers to the striking solos and acting cameos.

The show was superbly balanced and impeccably introduced by the young Luke Wilson


Redwell Close

St Ives