Can you help to identify the people in this old photograph?

The annual Fatstock dinner at the Public Rooms in St Neots in 1956.

The annual Fatstock dinner at the Public Rooms in St Neots in 1956. - Credit: Archant

In September, we published a photograph taken in 1956 at the annual Fatstock dinner in St Neots. It was sent in by Brian Storey, a former auctioneer, who, thanks to some help from readers, has been able to put names to most of the people in the image.

The St Neots Livestock market was situated at the common end of New Street on Thursdays. It was one of the largest in East Anglia and attracted farmers from all over the area.

The Fatstock show was held each year and farmers and land owners were then invited to attend the annual dinner at the old Public Rooms a few days later where prizes were awarded.

The market closed in 1985 and the land has now been redeveloped.

Through the 1950s, Victor Ekins was the auctioneer and was joined in the late 1960s by his son Anthony and by Mr Storey and also Michael Alexander who were the four auctioneers for many years.

"The Thursday market day in St Neots was traditionally when farmers and their families came to meet up with friends, discuss farming matters, do some shopping and see what prices their livestock were making at auction," explained Mr Storey.

"The photograph which shows farmers, butchers and some of the St Neots businessmen who attended, provoked much interest and a number of people have made contact to name faces.

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"Special thanks must go to Eileen and George Peck of Great Staughton who provided many of the names."

These are the names of the people identified: 2- Philip Witherow 3- Victor Ekins 4- Ted Pashley 5- Claude Horsford 6- Sidney Banks 7- Dick Ince 8- Bert Sharman 9- Len Shaw 11- Ray Convine 12- Doug Robinson 13- Charlie Howard 14- Tom Ratcliffe 15- Peter Addington 17- Henry Banks 18- Harold Storey 19- Peter Willmer 20- David Medd 22- Ken Banks 23-Tom Bates 24- Ellis Mildren 25- Carlton Boyd 26- Jim Cook 27- Langley Boyd 28- John Leftlay 29- John Sharman 30- Paul Wells 31- George Peck 33- Wally Mumford 35- Roger Horsford 37- John Chapman 38- Andrew Neilson 39- Robert Neilson 40- David Wells 43- Hugh Wells 45- Tom Chapman 46- Philip Maudlin 49- John Goddard 51- Ernie Ball 68- Eric Sharp.

INFO: If anyone can fill in the missing names contact Mr Storey at: