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MASLOW ON TOUR THE duo Maslow, Jon Orchard from Earith and Kenwyn Rossall from Peterborough, finalists in The Almost Famous Song Contest for their song, Carla, were playing their third gig of the day when they appeared at the song competition gig on Sun


THE duo Maslow, Jon Orchard from Earith and Kenwyn Rossall from Peterborough, finalists in The Almost Famous Song Contest for their song, Carla, were playing their third gig of the day when they appeared at the song competition gig on Sunday, August 10. They are keeping up the pace with gigs on almost every night. If they can get there, we guess their fans can.

Friday, August 22: The Peartree, Stamford 8pm

Saturday, August 23: August - The White Swan, Bluntisham 8pm

Sunday, August 24: The Taproom, St Ives 7pm

August 28: The Taproom, St Ives 8pm

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August 29: August The Green Man, Colne 8pm

August 30: Mama Lizzies - Stamford 8pm



THE WELSH trio, fronted by Grant Nicholas, have built up a staggering back catalogue of quality albums, and revel in the spotlight of the live arena.

Feeder released their first two albums, Polythene and Yesterday Went Too Soon, in 1997 and 1999 respectively, before the release of their third album, Echo Park, in 2001.

Frontman Grant and bassist Taka Hirose then had to come to terms with the devastating death of drummer Jon Lee, who committed suicide in January 2002.

The band continued, releasing Comfort In Sound at the close of 2002, an album which was well-received by critics.

This was followed by 2005's Pushing The Senses, while their newest album, Silent Cry, was released in June 2008 .

Show promoter Steve Jason said: "We are delighted to announce another big show at The Cresset - Feeder are a band that I've being trying to bring to Peterborough for over two years now - I've held dates at The Cresset for the band which have come to nothing but now we have it in writing- they are on their way. We've lucky to get the date as the band are also playing the Cambridge Corn Exchange which is nearly sold out so hopefully tickets for our show will be snapped up quickly as soon as they go on sale.

INFORMATION: Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets £22.50 in advance from, or The Cresset box office on 01733 265705. There is no booking fee for cash purchases at the box office. All telephone credit or debit card sales incur a booking fee.


St Ives rock band Sometimenever have announced that they are to head into the studio to record their third release in September. The new recordings will be the follow up to the widely successful album, Sometimenever Vs Time and Opportunity the five piece released in 2007. More information about the band, and some songs to listen to, can be found at



ROCK band Mostly Autumn return to Cambridge this year to play after their set at the Cambridge Rock Festival was cut unexpectedly short. After the festival, the organisers moved quickly to secure the band for a full-length gig at the Junction (Clifton Road, Cambridge), which will take place on December 11

INFORMATION: Tickets are available by calling 01353 749749



ALTHOUGH not a die hard Stereophonics fan, I was quite excited at the prospect of the arena-fillers briefly stooping to play the Corn Exchange as a festival warm up show.

Unfortunately, despite some great moments it really did feel they were warming up for another show and just passing through. Kelly Jones made some initial efforts to excite the crowd a little, but once that box was ticked he seemed to withdraw into his own world. The only thing I remember him saying to the crowd was that they had a greatest hits album coming out soon. I just wanted to put my head in my hands. For someone who looks as rock and roll as can be with his leather jacket, leather guitar strap and ice cool shades - it all seemed to have little purpose.

That said. There were moments when, like that speedy Usian Bolt guy, the Olympic gold medallist sprinter, that they can leave other bands standing when it only looks like they're half trying. Local Boy in the Photograph is a masterpiece and much of the material on the debut album hits a rare emotional note.

Superman was genuinely outstanding - disorientating lights flashing around them, the song given a dark, menacing, almost nasty feel. Nasty works in rock music - guitar feedback, throwing a few swear words into the lyrics. I just don't want it to sound or feel like a jukebox - I could always listen to the records at home, if I had them.


More pictures from the show:

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