Alconbury bus service saved thanks to Laine

ALCONBURY Parish Council would like to pass on its sincere thanks to its county councillors, but especially Cllr Laine Kadic who worked tirelessly to find funding for this replacement service.

Laine fully understood how residents in the village would suffer when Stagecoach withdrew its 46 service to Alconbury and Alconbury Weston. Many elderly and vulnerable residents would have been stranded in the village, unable to reach Huntingdon or Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

We are fully aware that some people wanted an hourly bus service from the village, regardless of whether they used a bus or not, but that was not viable. The new service, 46A, that Laine Kadic has arranged with Nene and Ouse (until March 31, 2013) has seven buses travelling to Huntingdon and six returning, which should prove sufficient for the needs of most who will use it.

We, the parish council and Laine, will continue to work together to ensure that funding is found for the year from April 2013.

Thanks to Laine for all that she does on our behalf.



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