Acer Ward - we have been deceived

AFTER attending quite a few meetings, some public, some by invitation, and after standing in silent protest for two hours with others in front of the closed Acer Ward on its 18th birthday on Saturday March 3, I have come to the following conclusions, which I feel your readers should know.

The authorities decided to close the ward a long time ago, near the middle of last year, for financial reasons of saving nearly �14million over three years. They repeatedly told us that money was not the main concern, which sounded hollow and untrue on analysis and from their replies to questions from the public. The authorities planned, acted upon and closed the ward, then called for public consultation, which should have been the other way round.

We were told by the authorities that Acer Ward was a stand-alone, isolated and not-fit-for-purpose department. Not so by many service users and their carers over many years, when the ward was in full service with adequate and efficient staff.

We all know that, if Acer Ward is permanently closed, it will bring lots of problems for the hundreds of Huntingdonshire service users (taxpayers), their carers and dear ones due to long-distance travel, expenses, time spent and many other factors. It will also be against the wishes and resolutions of most of the town and district councillors of Huntingdonshire, who have considerable experience of the welfare and needs of the people who vote for them to be their representatives.



Rotary Club of Huntingdon