A14 cash could be better used elsewhere

THERE are some of us who are pleased that the A14 project has been stopped: indeed many of us have campaigned against its development.

However, we are still concerned that use of the A14 needs to be optimised and have been submitting proposals to improve traffic flow and safety for a long time and these are, at last, being taken seriously.

It is a pity these measures were not introduced before the A14 project was developed. They would have saved many people and organisations much time and cost.

In your article on this week’s front page of The Hunts Post you yet again focus on Mr Bridge’s disappointments and frustrations. This may be the policy of The Hunts Post but it makes for very boring reporting and shows no respect or understanding of the national context and concerns of other people and organisations.

In the current political and financial climate there cannot be room for just parochial interests and views. There are other areas of the country and other congested and less safe roads than the A14 that have always deserved higher priority investment.

Can we all now focus on what really needs to be done and move on?


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