A gardening challenge for Huntingdon

WHILE walking around Huntingdon and the surrounding area, one can only stop and admire the efforts of the head gardener and his crew for the beuatiful arrangements around the town.

On one of these occasions I remembered sitting in an area on the east coast which was laid out as what the local council called a ‘sensitivity garden’. An area of raised beds set back with plants of the herbage family giving out aromas of all kinds, such as sage, thyme, feverfew, etc. Each labelled with their qualities for food or medical uses.

Around the area were studs that could be stepped on and a jet of water would spurt from the ground.

This in itself would increase the aromas from the plants.

I found it quite interesting to feel and smell some of these rare plants which all had their uses described in Braille.

Would it not be possible to create such a garden in Huntingdon, a garden which could be used by schools, where teachers could take a class and teach children how some of our ancestors made their own medicines.

A challenge to our head gardener and his fine crew of helpers perhaps.

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