�50,000 price ticket for Houghton stop along Guided Busway

PASSENGERS waiting for a bus service to link Houghton and Wyton with the guided busway have been told a bus stop would cost approximately �50,000 to build.

And, even if the money is found, Cambridgeshire County Council says it has not yet been able to identify a safe location where buses could stop along the route.

Stagecoach has told CCC that its buses would stop in Houghton if there was a safe place to do so.

Houghton and Wyton Parish Council chairman Lesley Craig said the move would be popular among residents who currently had to walk to Hartford Marina to catch a ride along the busway.

One possibility is to upgrade a lay-by on the A1123 but district councillor Alan Williams said that might not be suitable as the lay-by would also need to be used by other vehicles. Road traffic engineers at the county council had been tasked with doing a survey and identifying potential sites, he said, but he was still awaiting their report.

“I know the county council is anxious to provide this,” he said.

Ms Craig added: “We have thought for a long time that it would be a good idea, but it is still in the planning stages. It feels quite frustrating.”