“There is a palpable anger from the people and every second Cummings retains his job is a new insult to each and everyone of us,” - Samuel Sweek, chairman of Huntingdon Labour Party.

With each passing moment that Boris Johnson fails to sack his senior advisor Dominic Cummings from his post, the trust of the UK electorate diminishes.

The sheer volume of correspondence I have received from constituents concerning this matter dwarfs that of any other subject.

In the uncertain times of coronavirus, that is something truly remarkable. There is a palpable anger from the people of Huntingdon, St Neots and St Ives and every second Cummings retains his job is a new insult to each and every one of us who has made great personal sacrifice in obeying the government’s social distancing measures.

Many have lost loved ones and not been given the opportunity to say goodbye. For some, the impact of social distancing has taken a devastating toll on their mental health and brought them to a breaking point.

These are truly unprecedented times but, the fact of the matter is simple: Dominic Cummings, the most senior advisor to our Prime Minister, flagrantly broke the rules he enforced. Furthermore, he has effectively laughed in our faces with his outrageous flexibility with the truth.

The facts and history cannot be allowed to be rewritten. We know what the guidance said and we are not in the wrong.

We’ve seen numerous government ministers bending over backwards in defence of an unelected puppet master to an incompetent Government and the buck must stop here.

Our MP, Jonathan Djanogly, will have received a great deal of correspondence on this matter too.

As far as I am aware, he is yet to voice an opinion on the issue either way — but Huntingdon needs a strong, fair and righteous voice of reason. He must speak up, we must know where he stands on this matter of trust and integrity.

The people of Huntingdonshire deserve better. The country better.

Samuel Sweek

Chairman of Huntingdon Labour Party