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Top 10 Toys for 2013

So the top 10 toys list for Christmas 2013 have been announced. Here are what the Toy Retailers Association expect to fly off the shelves this year...

Lego City Coastguard

1. LEGO CITY COASTGUARD 60014, £39.99, Age 5+ The set includes six mini-figures including the pilot and rescuer. Kids are going to love it!


Doc McStuffins

2. DOC MCSTUFFINS DOCTOR'S BAG SET, £12.99, Age 3+ Everything a child could need to play doctor - thermometer, syringe, stethoscope and bandage equipment.

Flutterbye Flying Flower Fairy



3. FLUTTERBYE FLYING FLOWER FAIRY, £23.99, Age 5+ It does what it says on the tin - this fairy flies!


Furby Boom

4. FURBY BOOM!, £45.99, Age 6+ The Furby will change personality on how well you treat it and look after it. It will respond to you and will remember its name.


V-Tech Inno tab

5. V-TECH INNO TAB 3S, £70, Age 3+ Children's tablet, recommended for ages 3-9 years old. It features a touch screen, photo and video camera, and the internet. You can get the tablet in blue or pink.


LeapFrog LeapPad

6. LEAPFROG LEAPPAD ULTRA, £90, Age 4+ Kids can use this tablet to write, draw, take photos, make videos, use the internet and play games. It is available in a variety of colours.


Monopoly Empire

7. MONOPOLY EMPIRE, £15, Age 8+ Enjoy the classic game but with a twist by filling the tower with brand billboards. The game should take around 30 minutes to complete - somewhat quicker than the original!



8. MONSTER HIGH 13 WISHES DOLL, £12, Age 6+ This toy is expected to be as popular this Christmas as previous years. A variety of dolls are available to purchase.


Nerf-N-Strike RapidStrike

9. NERF-N-STRIKE ELITE RAPIDSTRIKE, £24.99, Age 8+ Nerf-N-Strike seems to be ever present in the Christmas must-haves each year. The RapidStrike has 18 darts which can be fired from 20 metres.



10. ROBOFISH AND BOWL SET, £15, Age 3+ If you are not struck on having real fish, this is the perfect solution. The RoboFish activates when in water.

All images courtesy of Toy Retailers Association.

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