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  • This is a complete non-story. The Wolfson Economics Prize publicised by the Economics Exchange ‘Think Tank’, attracts nothing more than works of fiction from people with nothing better to do. The purpose of the submission document issued in an attempt to gain the £250k prize, is nothing more than an illustration of how a new garden city could (in the opinion of the author) be integrated within the British economics model. The proposed ‘location’ of this ‘new’ garden city is of absolutely no relevance and could have been suggested for virtually anywhere in the UK where there is a suitable expanse of farm land and acceptable travel links.


    Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The North Pole Cambridge Christmas Festival is back in style throughout the festive season. This annual icy extravaganza is centred around a stunning 600m open-air ice rink, great for a fun filled day out with family & friends.

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