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  • Yes lets look at all the CORRECT facts shall we !!!!!! We currently live in an area where the local council havent adopted this charge. I have never heard of it, nor has any estate agents in my area,in fact i havent met a single person who knows about this CIL Levy. It WAS a total surprise to me and my family. The Architect i have employed has NO family connection whatsoever to me or my family. I have been a homeowner since 1978 and have bought several properties since, and in all that time i have NEVER had to check if there was some sort council levy, so why would i suddenly start checking know??? We are NOT developers!!!!! just a private family trying to build a new home in an area that we like very much. There is already a house on the site we want to build on, so we are NOT putting any extra burden on the local infrastructure.


    Monday, November 26, 2012


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